Samsung Gear smart watches conceptual design with flexible screen debut

Samsung Gear smart watches conceptual design with flexible screen debut :  Samsung will launch Gear Smart Watch the news has long been rumored. Recently, Samsung smart watches are related patents registered has been exposed, has attracted widespread attention. According to British media exposure produced a Samsung patent details SmartWatch Gear conceptual design. Figure Gear consists of two main parts, including bendable flexible screens and a plastic wristband, a number of colors, the overall shape cool feeling full.
Samsung Gear smart watches conceptual design

According to Samsung’s patent description, the new smart watches should be a: “wearable watch, wristband or bracelet forms of digital electronic devices that can access the Internet, receive calls, send and receive e-mail and information.” In the media The conceptual design of the figure forecast, Gear rectangular shape with a bendable flexible screen, the screen looks big enough, there is no physical button. Equipment followed the Android operating system’s style, there will be an integrated LED lights play a prompt effect.

samsung gear concept

It is reported that Samsung Gear Smart Watch is expected to be in Berlin on September 4 press conference, and GALAXY Note 3 introduced together.

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