Lenovo k910 Specifications and images Alleged

Lenovo k910 Specifications and images Alleged :  previously had a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 800 Lenovo X910 new phone on the network exposure, and now appears in Lenovo Music Forum Code K6 Lenovo new phone seems to have the same configuration. According broke people say, the machine is Lenovo's flagship product Xiaolong 800 with FHD Full HD touch screen, and supports dual card dual standby function.

Photos from this exposure, Lenovo K6 front styling seems Sony phones feeling, especially bottom of the fuselage design is more reminiscent of the Sony Xperia SP. As for the back of the fuselage, the aircraft's main camera is somewhat similar with the K860, and uses a metal frame material, while the back cover can be removed it seems.

Lenovo k910

It is worth mentioning that, despite the leaked pictures, the machine installed security Bunny V3.3.2 version can identify the phone model K6, but in accordance with the revelations of people say, this model is only internal code, so The aircraft is expected to release in the future should have a formal name.

As for the specific functional specifications, exposure screenshot shows the machine using Qualcomm snapdragon 800 (MSM8974) quad-core processor and Adreno 330 GPU, while the touch screen resolution is reached FHD (1920 × 1080 pixels) Full HD level . However, it seems that only the machine ROM space 4GB, but supports micro-SD memory card expansion, and is expected in the official product should be equipped with at least 16GB of ROM storage capacity.

Lenovo k910 (2)

Although this association is unclear camera specifications of the new machine, but the leaked pictures, Lenovo K6 should be equipped with a 5.0 inches touch screen around, and make sure to provide functionality for dual-card support, and a great also supports the possibility of "dual card dual standby" feature. In addition, Lenovo K6 also use Micro-SIM card, and uses a SIM card slot drawer.

Some Unfortunately, at present about Lenovo more details of this new machine has not been compromised too much, but according to Engadget argument, there whistleblowers, said the phone is very thin, but the feeling in his hand very well. Meanwhile Engadget also claims had learned from the informant, the Lenovo product name this new machine can be identified at present only the part number is 910, and the front portion of the letters may follow before K starts naming, in other words , the aircraft may eventually K910 models such official debut.

Anyway, this code K6 Lenovo hardware configuration on the new phone is still very exciting, if in the future be able to market with a relatively reasonable price, then I believe there should be a good market performance.


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