Alcatel One Touch Fire will Start shipping with Firefox on T-mobiles

Even though we all know that carrying Firfox smartphone operating system will eventually be listed, and that in the end what time, where is it? Following the MWC in Barcelona, ​​Spain in early grand debut, the recent good news, Mozilla announced that tomorrow will be the first T-Mobile Poland on sale Firefox operating system equipped with Alcatel One Touch Fire smartphone. Binding tariff, the minimum is only one zloty. you can put the phone back home, to provide users with a truly "affordable" smartphone.
Alcatel One Touch Fire with Firefox

It is reported that the next fall, the phone will be introduced in other European countries listed. Currently known in Germany, Deutsche Telekom will be the second brand congstar cooperative marketing, in Hungary and Greece, will meet with Deutsche Telekom's Hungarian Magyar Telekom and Greece COSMOTE cooperation. Mozilla Corporation has not been revealed but in the region of the cell phone market prices and other regions in the global market. Let us wait and see.

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