Latest iOS 6.1 Beta2 Has new Passbook instructions

Latest iOS 6.1 Beta2 Has new Passbook instructions

Latest iOS 6.1 Beta2 Has new Passbook instructions  : Apple sent to developers who in the U.S. time on November 12 when the seeds of a new version of iOS 6.1 beta2. With a card, tell us more details about the Passbook what, why you would use it, and how it works.
This card to share more than a colorful feature icons since 9to5Mac website, Passbook application also comes with detailed instructions:

Passbook your boarding passes, movie tickets, retail coupons, membership cards, etc., in one place. At the appropriate time and place when they are ready to appear on your lock screen. You can add the participating airlines, theaters, shops are e-mail and website Passbook applications.
The importance of this message is reflected in the following two aspects: First, it explains how as a user allows iPhone lock screen still the Passbook appear in the interface. Second, Apple also alert the user, passes do not need to work through a separate application to the contrary, by e-mail, Web sites and other applications to work.

This update only changes do not Apple Passbook. In the last week, Apple Store application on its update, currently including the integration of the Passbook. The application of U.S. railroad company also received the Passbook support.

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