Samsung's 10 Inch Tablet won't make to market until next year

Samsung's 10 Inch Tablet,
We already know that Samsung and Google where planning to unveil the next Nexus Tablet with a larger 10 inch screen having a resolution of  2,560x1,600. but according to CNET, unfortunately the exclusive Nexus 10 won’t be in stores in this year end.

As the Google Nexus 10 will only be out in the first half upcoming year. the reason behind this time lag is due to the tablet’s screen, which packs 2560×1600 almost 300 ppi unit ( actually the upcoming 13-inch Retina Mac Book Pro puts 2,560x1,600 (227) pixels into a 13.3 inch display-where Google is putting a little bit more 300 PPI into the Smaller 10 Inch display, which makes the device more denser display than the Apple Mac book ) which makes the new High tech Display impossible to mass-production in this small time limit.

But still we can see Samsung 10 Inch Nexus Tablets in Upcoming year,which will be hitting the market with ‘Retina’ alike display or more sharper than the Apple's famous Display technology ? which will be the next year’s iPad competitor flagship.

[ source : CNET ]


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