Hands on Blackberry Dev Alpha B device Running on BB10

Hands on Blackberry Dev Alpha B device Running on BB10
left: Dev Alpha B; right: Dev Alpha

Inspite from the previously alleged images of Curved Blackberry OS 10 based device. today at Blackberry Jam, they have introduced the Blackberry Dev Alpha B device. which was a neat square shape and at first look it really argued me to remember the Lumia 900 in full black colour variant.

As the new Blackberry Jam has announced that there will be several native Social applications like Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn with the new BB10 OS. and also offered a variety of new Application’s through  BB10’s app store and encouraging more Developers to the new BB10 project.

Hands on Blackberry Dev Alpha B device Running on BB10

Below is some hands-on video’s from Crackberry who had manged to  spend some time with the new BB 10 based Dev Alpha B device. and they have astonishingly find out that the new OS 10 changes was remarkable from the previous BB10 Alpha Dev device. and there is lot much more to expect as the OS is still under developemet, so if you are a Blackberry Lover or was or might wanted to Grab a BB device then never miss this videos right below, and more images are at link.

In this video, yours truly takes the helm of the device, walking through this BlackBerry 10 preview on the Dev Alpha B.

And in this video, Research In Motion’s Michael Clewley takes us through the BlackBerry 10 experience on the Dev Alpha B.

[ source : Crack berry ]

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