Samsung GALAXY Note 5 or 4K screen with 5.9 inches

samsung galaxy note 5

2K display in the current smart phone is considered a top specification, but in the next year, perhaps loaded on 4K display models can be regarded as a true flagship. According to  PhoneArena latest disclosure that Samsung will begin mass production 5.9 inches Ultra HD resolution Super AMOLED touch screen in the next year in […]

Sony Xperia Z4 guess: the new design screen upgrade

Sony Xperia Z4

Sony’s latest flagship Xperia Z 3 just listed, but are considered to have been one year Sony introduced two flagship models rhythm, so now you can start at the beginning of next year outlook Xperia debut Z4 up. While the Xperia Z4 yet there is not much news about, but as Sony’s next-generation flagship, at […]

Samsung Wearable Gear Circle Listed: Headphones + receive calls

Samsung Wearable Gear Circle

Samsung wearable device Gear Circle officially entered the US market. The device shaped like a collar, two headphone sets rely on the user neck, can act as a wireless stereo headsets and communications equipment (make and receive calls), and through the Samsung S Voice voice control can be carried out on a supported mobile phone. […]

Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5 Announced

Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5 Announced

Samsung announced two new smartphones today, the Galaxy A3 and A5. both phones are metal unibody devices that are 6.9 and 6.7mm thick, respectively, and come in six different colors including Pearl White, Midnight Black, Platinum Silver, Soft Pink, Light Blue and Champagne Gold. Both run a 1.2Ghz quad-core processor, with 16GB on internal memory, […]

iPhone 6 Plus and Note Edge in-depth comparison

iPhone 6 Plus and Note Edge in-depth comparison (3)

Samsung launched in 2011 GALAXY Note series revolutionized the smartphone market since then, the growing popularity of large-screen phone, many mobile phone manufacturers have also joined in this field, in addition to Apple . Since the former CEO Steve Jobs on the phone the best grasp of the size of the perfectionist attitude, iPhone series […]

Nexus Player Gamepad lands in the Google Play Store


The optional Gamepad for Google Nexus Player is now available in the Google Play store. Like the set top box it is designed for, the Asus-made accessory is set to leave the warehouse in 3-4 weeks. The Gamepad is priced at $39.99 and, as expected, it can be used as a remote control for the […]

All Android OEM Parnters will Upgrade to Android L ?

google nexus 5 android l

Android L is one of the year’s major software updates Google is expected to enhance the user experience of Android devices, and cover many areas wearable devices, smart television. However, the problem may be that users are most concerned about: my cell phone when it can get Android L update? Here we take a look […]

iOS 8 new expansion: it will completely change the way users use applications

iOS 8

As Apple next-generation mobile operating system, iOS 8 according to the plan will be officially unveiled this fall. And by virtue of the feature called Extensibility (scalability) of, iOS 8 will probably change the way users use applications. Simply put, by Extensibility, you can share some of their functions between applications, so that users no […]

The best eight Android SMS application


One of the advantages of Android is that if Google or phone manufacturers in the mobile phone are not satisfied with preloaded applications, users can replace the use of third-party applications. You could use applications include not only the browser plug-applications, as well as music and video players, including telephone dial and SMS applications. If you do […]